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The BigOceanData vessel tracking and management platform is a cloud-based internet application based on the same data processing environment as that used by major web-based services for applications such as social media and eCommerce. It is a very sophisticated web portal with the capability to manage huge amounts of data and data inputs.

BigOceanData is pleased to make this flexible architecture available to third-parties who may wish to brand and implement their own maritime asset management service. This can be achieved through a simple ‘branding’ of the existing BigOceanData portal, or a full white-labelling of the service with bespoke functionality.

Whether you have an in-house project that would benefit from re-use of the BigOceanData architecture, or you need a swift turnaround for a tender or demonstration to a key client, please give us a call. You will soon experience the benefits of our long history of technology supply in the maritime domain. Contact BigOceanData to discuss your specific requirements on +44 (0)207 998 3048 or email